Supreme sensation to everyone.

Since our foundation, we have been supported by many customers who made a path together with us to serve a variety of dishes.
It is our policy that we always learn, challenge and flexibly meet customers’ demand. Above all, we put it as the highest value of our work that customers feel happy with our dishes.

We are committed to creating superb dishes with innovative style to bring deliciousness and excitement to people around the world while succeeding in the tradition of great cooking.
We deliver the `Happiness of Taste` from the foot of Mt. Fuji!

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Quality & Safety

To customers considering PB and OEM

Feedback from our customers indicates that they choose Fujibussan for the following 5 advantages.


1. Product Development Capabilities

Experienced professionals work in the product development office of Fujibussan. In order to meet customers’ demand, they are developing PB and OEM products with expert know-how of food and cookery.
Also, our company has close contacts with chefs, cooking experts, and the international food industry community.
We develop products using the latest cooking trends through the information exchange and collaboration with food experts.


2. The Ability to Respond Customer Needs

The sales staff of Fujibussan listens closely to customers’ opinions to meet their needs and to refine the sensibility and image of the product. We will transform products into custom-made ones by working closely with our product development office. Also, not only Yamanashi head office but also our offices in Tokyo (Kagurazaka), Kobe, and Shizuoka respond promptly to the customer requests.


3. Handmade High Quality

Since its foundation, Fujibussan has made it a motto to respond to the maximum quality level that a customer requests.
We have done our best to make handmade tastiness which machines could not. Consequently, we win high appraisal and trust from customers and we have fostered the spirit of Monozukuri (craftsmanship) uncompromising tastiness.
We have established the production system where only a Hand-Made production process can realize authentic tastiness.


4. Long Business History with Trust

Fujibussan has 40 years of accumulated business achievement developing and producing products based on French cuisine. We have already gained trust from a wide range of clients around Japan such as international hotel and restaurant chains, wedding halls, and airline catering services. We are providing a wide selection of products from hors d’oeuvres to desserts, and on the other hand and from Western style Osechi (New Year dishes) and to gift food products.


5. Strict Hygiene Management

We implement strict hygiene control as we are certified as “JmHACCP Factory” from Japan Ready-made Meal Association.
Based on HACCP, the international standard, we continuously monitor the critical points of hazard in all processes through procurement, production, and logistics. We make detailed records in all processes for review, and parallelly we revise the manual and update the training program.