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To customers considering PB and OEM

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering the development of PB and OEM product.
Feedback from our customers indicates that they choose Fujibussan for the 5 following advantages.


1. Product Development Capabilities


Experienced professionals work in the product development office of Fujibussan. In order to meet customers’ demand, they are developing PB and OEM products with expert know-how of food and cookery.
Also, our company has close contacts with chefs, cooking experts and the international food industry community. We develop products using the latest cooking trends through the information exchange and collaboration with food experts.

2. The Ability to Respond Customer Needs


The sales staff of Fujibussan listens closely to customers’ opinions to meet their needs and to refine the sensibility and image of the product. We will transform products into custom-made ones by working closely with our product development team. Also, not only Yamanashi head office but we have set up Tokyo (Kagurazaka) and Kobe, sales office to respond promptly to the customer requests.

3. Handmade High Quality


Since its establishment, Fujibussan has been devoting its utmost to the high quality that customers demand, and has devoted all their efforts to the taste of handmade that cannot be done by machines. As a result, we gained trust and appreciation from many customers, and cultivated the manufacturing skill of “craftsman temperament” strongly adhering to deliciousness.
Because it is handmade, we realize a manufacturing system that can deliver genuine taste.

4. Long business history and Achievement


Fujibussan has long experience in the development and manufacture of products based on French cuisine, since its founding. We have already earned the trust of various suppliers throughout the country, including Japan’s prestigious hotels and restaurants widely known in Japan and abroad, wedding ceremony halls and air catering services. From hors d’oeuvres to desserts, even Western-style Osechi (boxed New Year dishes) and gift products are widely available.

5. Food Safety


At Fujibussan, we conduct strict hygiene control as the “JmHACCP factory” certified by the Japan Ready–made Meal Association*. Based on the international standard “HACCP”, we predict all hazards such as microbial contamination and monitor the hazard occurrence point on a continuous basis in all processes from procurement of raw materials to manufacture and delivery. At the same time as taking a detailed record of the whole journey, we constantly make improvements, such as verification, review of manuals, examination of educational content.

*Japan Ready-made Meal Association

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our company’s products and services. We strive to create products based on your requests and designed to your specifications.

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