Story of Fujibussan

As many Challenges, as there are Inspirations.


Fujibussan was founded by Hiroshi Sekiguchi, our present chairman, 1979 years ago. Fortunately, we have established a relationship with so many loyal customers until now. But at the very beginning of our company, it was just a small workplace.
Let us tell you the story of our corporate journey.



Fishing gave a kid power and energy for life and young Sekiguchi was into fishing…
Everything started from here.


The chairman Sekiguchi, our company’s founder, was born as the second son of five brothers in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 1940. In his childhood, his family evacuated to his mother’s home, in a rural area of Tochigi.
He helped his father fish for freshwater fish which became a precious source of protein for his family. He remembers fishing in a clear stream as a happy moment during his family’s life of poverty in the war.
Some time after the war, Sekiguchi became a mischievous high school kid, and he really got into the fun of fishing from his childhood. He went fishing in every kind of river, small lake, and fishing pond in the Kanto area. He spent his youth totally engrossed in fishing.
At last, his lifetime hobby became his work. After he graduated from university, he started to work as a foreign correspondent of a fishing magazine collecting data from every corner of the world.


Found the pleasure of tasting fish in his twenties……
Something happened in Denmark which changed his life


In his twenties, not only did he enjoy fishing, he also found pleasure in tasting them. It was the time visiting in Denmark,he had tried the smoked salmon which gave him life-changing inspiration. Until then, he was convinced smoked salmon was a “bitter, salty, stinking, and hard” thing.
But in Denmark, it smelled delicious and its taste was soft, smooth, light, and piquant. “I want to have Japanese people eat this delicious smoked salmon.” Sekiguchi decided firmly.
But from then, there was a rocky road ahead of him. It was 50 years ago, in Japan, and no one could find recipes for smoked salmon in any book.
The only thing he could do was write the recipe in his notebook from memory of the delicious taste in Denmark, and to assemble a smoking device with a mechanical engineer. Everything was trial and error.
After some repeated failures for a few months, Sekiguchi finally completed making the first original smoking device. Then, he made improvements for a couple of years, and developed an original smoking device which could make delicious smoked salmon he could be satisfied with.
“As no one has ever tried, I can be number one with enthusiasm.”
His strong immersion in making the machine drove him to work hard and his efforts finally bore fruit.


He was in great demand as the leading expert of “How to Smoke”.
“Delicious!”, the voice of the people encouraged him to start up the company.


“It’s delicious. I want to make this for my customers.”
The smoked salmon from his original smoking device gained great popularity.
Its reputation was spread by word of mouth and many orders came directly from first-class chefs and famous restaurants among foodies.
He worked as the regular lecturer of “Men’s Cooking”, an NHK TV program, and taught people at cooking classes. He sometimes wrote “how-to” for smoked salmon.
“Making smoked salmon could be a great business as it is satisfying people.”, he thought in his mid-thirties and made the momentous decision in his whole life.
This was the start of Fujibussan.
But that was the start of a hard time too. Customers were professionals with good taste. We had to be particular about taste. And above all, hygiene must be maintained at first. Compared to smoking devices nowadays, our smoking device originally developed in those days was apparently a low-spec machine. To respond to a large amount of orders, overwhelming improvement had to be done for the profits of the company.


Day and night research & development on making highly-qualified smoked salmon.
Challenges in 80’s for mariné and escabeche.


To realize high-quality smoked salmon, he continued the research and production without any rest. He produced it in the nighttime and sold it in the daytime.
Sekiguchi, his wife, and a few staff in that period continued to work for years with little to no time to rest.
It was sure enough that he physically had a tough time. But strangely, he did not give up emotionally. “We are the one who will provide the best smoked salmon throughout Japan.” Maybe that kind of secret pride had sustained him.
In the 80’s, there was a great improvement of Japanese livelihood and the people were excited about the bubble economy. Fujibussan’s smoked salmon has gaining popularity among people and became steadily famous in the hotel and restaurant industries.
Also, he created successful items such as mariné and escabeche, and broadened the company’s variety of products.


Further business expansion in the 90’s and 2000.
We are striving to be the sustainable company over generations with the mission of bringing the excitement of dainty food to people.


Thereafter in 90’s, we started to develop the products for airlines. Fujibussan tastes began to show up in the menus of Japanese airlines’ inflight meals. Moreover, we started to develop dessert in 2000 and started to develop original sushi in 2002.
At the present time, based on traditions and techniques of French cuisine as Fujibussan’s core value, we are providing various genres of dishes such as Japanese, Italian, and French cuisine. Our colorful dishes are served with the latest trend of gourmet.
As it was, our business started from making smoked salmon and we actualized the growth of our company through responding to our customers’ requests each time. We aim to deliver Fujibussan’s tastiness not only to Japanese customers but to customers abroad.
We are in the never-ending journey of gastronomy.
Although we find our way tough and hard, we will find new excitement and happiness beyond, as long as we look for new challenges. Fujibussan’s challenge is not over yet.
We will always pursue new ideas and will make progress in our original know-how and techniques, so even more people can experience excitement and happiness by tasting our products.
Stay tuned for our next chapter about our products and future.