Corporate History



March, 1979

The company was founded by Hiroshi Sekiguchi(our present chairman) as a supplier of smoked trouts to hotels.

April, 1985

Tokyo Office (Shinjuku, Tokyo) was set up to accompany the business expansion.

January, 1988

The head factory was relocated to the new building in Fujiyoshida City to accompany the product expansion.

April, 1991

Started development and sales of in-flight meals.

September, 1994

Established a guesthouse with a presentation room at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

April, 2000

Started development and sales of desserts.
The number of original products broke 500 items.

December, 2002

Started the planning, development, and sales of original frozen-packed Sushi.

March, 2003

Tokyo Office was relocated to Kagurazaka(Shinjuku, Tokyo).

April, 2003

The Second factory was established in Fujiyoshida City.

May, 2007

The head Factory gained HACCP certification based on the Food Safety Advancement Program.
Relocated the Head Factory to the new building in Fuji-Kawaguchiko City and integrated the second factory.

October, 2007

Our factory was authorized as HACCP certified factory under HACCP Dissemination Law.

September, 2012

Kansai Office was set up.

October, 2012

Certified as JmHACCP under Japan Ready-made Meal Association.

May 2014

Hiroshi Sekiguchi assumed the position of chairman, and Michiko Taussac assumed the position of CEO.